If you book a German language course at Horizonte, you have the following accommodation options for your language stay:

1. Horizonte residence – live & learn under the same roof

single room, 4th floor
single room, 4th floor

We recommend staying in our on-site residence. The rooms are right next door to the school, in the middle of Regensburg’s historic city centre. While being completely independent, you will still experience security & community.
This type of accommodation is self-catering only. There are fully equipped shared kitchens for you to use during your stay and a big common area to spend time with the other residents.
There are single and twin rooms available on two floors:

4th floor24 rooms, each with private shower & toilet and a big shared kitchen
2nd floor14 rooms in small apartments, each with shared kitchen & bathroom and
studios (with private bathroom and kitchenette)

You always get a single room, unless you book a twin room together with another person.
There is WiFi available throughout the building. There is a washing machine and a dryer in the common area and a library with mainly German literature.
Sheets and linen are always provided, please bring your own towels.

Horizonte Building

Please be aware that the Horizonte residence is not a hotel: There is no reception and no room service.
When you cook and eat, we expect you to do the dishes and clean the stove immediately afterwards. A professional thorough cleaning of the communal areas is carried out twice a week; the large kitchen on the 4th floor is cleaned regularly. In the shared apartments on the 2nd floor, the residents themselves are responsible for cleanliness.

You are also responsible for keeping your room clean. It will not be cleaned by our staff during your stay. You can borrow a vacuum cleaner at our office during office hours.

In order to guarantee cleanliness and silence we request the residents to follow the Horizonte Housing Rules, which are handed-out to everyone upon arrival.
The whole building is non-smoker zone. Any kind of fire is strictly forbidden, also on the balconies.

You will be charged a security deposit (100 Euro) for both residence and homestay accommodation upon arrival.

2. Horizonte homestay


Staying at a host family during your German language course at Horizonte enables you to fully immerse in German culture. You regularly get the chance to practise your German (e.g. over dinner) and experience German hospitality. Most of our host families have been part of the Horizonte-family for years.

The host families offer guest rooms (single or twin rooms) with breakfast or half-board. In some cases you will also have your private bathroom. Sheets and linen are always provided, please bring your own towels. Your host family will offer to wash some of your clothes if you stay longer than 2 or 3 weeks.

Most of our homestays are located in residential areas and usually not farther away from the school and the city centre than 20 minutes by bus or bike.

We want you to enjoy your stay and benefit from being part of a German host family. But please be aware that they still have their day-to-day life going on. So please  remember to respect their privacy, the family’s habits and that they may be busy sometimes. They are not responsible for your entertainment.

If you have any questions or if there’s any problem that you cannot solve directly with the host family, please let us know immediately.

All our host families are carefully and personally selected by us and meet the IALC quality standards.

You are also supposed to arrive on Sunday evening before the course starts not earlier than 5 pm. You will get the address about 1 week before the beginning of the course to arrange your arrival.

You will be charged a security deposit (100 Euro) for both residence and homestay accommodation upon arrival.

Do you want to become a host family? E-mail us us or call us: +49 941 57207

3. Hotels

Please visit Touri-Info or Hotels in Regensburg.

4. Holiday homes

Recommended for people who bring along family or pets.
Please visit Touri-Info.


Check-in: Sunday, 5-7 pm

You are expected to arrive on Sunday evening between 5 and 7 pm before the beginning of the course.

There is no reception at the school/residence. Please let us know if you cannot arrive in time, so we can organize your check-in. You will get a mobile phone number of someone living in the residence who will let you in.

Check-out: Saturday, 10 am

Latest departure time: Saturday, the day after the end of the course, 10.00 am.

Please let us know your favourite type of room (e.g. if you absolutely want your private bathroom), we’ll try to meet your wish. Available accommodation varies according to the time of year and will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.
Your accommodation is reserved from Sunday evening until Saturday 10 am after the end of your course.

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