Regensburg Cathedral St. Peter

Regensburg (160.000 inhabitants) lies at the northernmost point of the Danube (“Donau” in German) in the heart of Bavaria, just one hour north of Munich airport (direct trains from inside the airport).

Regensburg with the Old Stone Bridge

Founded by the Romans, the city established itself early on as an important commerce centre. During the Middle Ages Regensburg was one of the most important cities in Germany, serving as a place where its emperors met with princes and ambassadors from all over Europe. The old Stone Bridge, the Gothic cathedral and the Old Town Hall are the most remarkable landmarks from this period. The unique medieval city centre, with its buildings dating back two millennia, makes Regensburg stand out as one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and was named UNESCO world heritage in 2006.

Regensburg is not only a city shaped by history, but also one hosting 30.000 students from two distinct universities, thereby making it a very lively and vibrant place. Large German companies (BMW, Siemens, Continental, Osram, Infineon, Krones and others) – all of which are currently seeking qualified individuals for employment – have established themselves here and made the city and the whole region one of Germany’s fastest growing and wealthiest places.

Regensburg is a great location to learn German. It’s a very walkable, safe city where one feels immediately at home amongst its narrow streets and picturesque squares in the historic centre – which is precisely where our school and residence are located. The city centre is surrounded by a green belt of parks attracting not only our students but rather people of all sorts for some leisurely downtime in the sun. The valleys of the Danube, along with three other rivers, encourage both hiking and biking. Places like Adlersberg are always worthy of an afternoon ‘pilgrimage’.

Regensburg from above

During your German language course you’ll discover countless friendly bars, cafés and beer-gardens, museums, theatres and cinemas – all of which are within walking distance of the school. You’ll also have ample opportunities to visit neighbouring cities (Munich, Nuremberg, Bamberg, Passau, Prague, Salzburg) and places of interest like Neuschwanstein, as well as many others.

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