Regensburg with the Old Stone Bridge

Regensburg (160,000 inhabitants) lies at the northernmost point of the Danube in the heart of Bavaria, just one hour north of Munich airport.

The town was founded by the Romans and was up to the beginning of the 19th century one of the most important cities in Germany. With its unique medieval city centre and buildings from two millennia, Regensburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany (UNESCO World Heritage) and one of its fastest growing boom-towns which offers lots of jobs in modern industries.

Regensburg is a great location to learn German. You can walk everywhere, it is safe and you will immediately feel at home in the narrow streets and picturesque squares of the historic city centre, where our school is located.

During your German language course you will discover unnumerable friendly bars and beer-gardens, museums,theatres, cinemas and the university, where one of the most well-stocked libraries in Germany is open to everyone. Two universities and some 30,000 students make Regensburg a very lively place.

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