Exams and exam preparation

telc B1 exam | June 27th 2020

telc B2 exam | July 4th 2020

164 €*
B1 preparatory course (online) | June 8th – June 26th | 10 lessons per week

B2 preparatory course (online) | June 15th – July 3rd | 10 lessons per week

280 €
Minimum number of participants for preparatory course
(with less than 4 participants the number of lessons will be reduced)

* The exam fee is not included in the course price.

Enrol online or via e-mail*
Deadline for exam enrolment8 days prior to exam
Deadline for preparatory courseFriday before course start

*Subject: “telc [B2/B1] Prüfung/Vorbereitungskurs, [date]”
Information in the e-mail: full name, date of birth, sex (male/female), nationality and current mail address

Further telc exams are planned in 2020.