We organise a wide-ranging leisure programme which will give you an understanding of German life and culture, because we would like you to get more than a tourist’s view of Germany. The course fee includes all activities (apart from trip and admission fees). We run the following activities on a regular basis:
  • guided tours of Regensburg
  • trips to other cities in Bavaria
  • lectures on political, historic and cultural affairs
  • lectures on linguistics
  • showings of recent German films
  • meetings in pubs
  • visits to museums and companies
  • outdoor activities

Please note, that the lectures and also the guided tours are always in German!

Trip to the monastery of Weltenburg

Freizeitprogramm 2020

Dieses Jahr ist vieles anders, so auch unser Freizeitprogramm! Wir haben ein Corona-Freizeitprogramm mit unseren beliebtesten Aktivitäten erstellt: Walhalla, Biergarten, Filmabend, Stadtführungen, Ausflüge, Museumsbesuche und mehr. Es gibt 2 Aktivitäten pro Woche, je nach Wetter und aktuellen Hygienebestimmungen.

Das aktuelle Programm wird in den Klassen und auf den sozialen Medien angekündigt. Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos und die Mindestteilnehmerzahl beträgt 5 Personen, wenn nichts anderes in der aktuellen Info angegeben ist.

Activities 2020

Since things are different this year, our activitiy programme is, too! We have created a Corona-compatible programme with our most popular activities: Walhalla, Biergarten, movies night, guided city-walks, day-trips, museums and more. There will be 2 activities per week, always depending on the weather and on the latest hygienic regulations.

The current activities will be announced in class and on social media. The activities are free and a minimum of 5 participants is required if not stated any different.