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Tommy Mak, Kanada, Oktober 2019

This autumn was my third time attending a language school in Germany and my second time in Horizonte. I have spent five weeks in Horizonte this time because I had such a wonderful experience last year when I was there. It turned out to be even better this time and I wished I would have stayed longer. The office administrative staff were always super friendly and helpful. I had a different teacher this time and the teacher was as good as my previous teacher. Both of their teaching methods were equally effective and practical. They have made every single class fun and created many positive energy within the class. The after class activity programs were always interesting. One can definitely learn a lot of culture and practice German at the same time. Amazingly I was able to make friends with many other learners from other parts of the World both times. For me, I would only go back to HORIZONTE to learn German. I am confident that my experience in Horizonte will always be wonderful based on the quality of the teachers, the friendly professional office personnel, the free time programs, the positive and friendly atmosphere, the cost friendly accommodation and the central location of the school. Regensburg is a beautiful, friendly and safe city with plenty of green parks. You can just walk anywhere; shopping, cafes, restaurants, hiking or simply run, ride or walk along the Donau river.

Jan Lojza, Tschechische Republik, Juni 2019

Ich war letztes Jahr zum ersten Mal bei Horizonte. Mir hat der Sprachkurs gefallen. Deshalb habe ich wieder angemeldet. Vielen Dank an das Horizonte-Team und ich wünsche Ihnen alles Gute. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Jan.

Ari Puustinen, Finnland, Februar 2019

Hier gibt es sehr liebliche Atmosphäre. Viele junge Leute aus der ganzen Welt. Auch einige ältere, wie ich. Personal, Lehrerinnen und Studenten sind freundlich.

Greg Gomez, Flugbegleiter, USA, Februar 2019

Being here is a little being in a second home! Very enjoyable. The other students and staff are always friendly and helpful. Being here also lends to a better learning environment. I hope to come back… soon!

Susan Sonneborn, USA, Januar 2019

Horizonte is a terrific school. My classroom experience, which lasted 3 weeks, was always right on the mark. I’ve learned a lot of vocabulary, often generated by our spontaneous class discussion, we worked on grammar, and we did a lot of speaking. We also listened to recorded dialogues and worked on comprehending what we had heard – this is hard! I loved living in the building and having my own kichenette. Also, Regensburg is a lovely, historic place for this all to happen in. A very special 3 weeks – thank you!

Ann Marie Dick, UK, Dezember 2018

There can’t be a better place to learn German than Horizonte. The teachers are incredibly helpful and friendly, and lessons are well-structured and tailored to the interests of the students. Nothing is too much trouble for these guys! The accommodation is well-equipped, comfortable and convenient, and Regensburg itself is an absolutely beautiful town. I’ve been here several times, and I’m looking forward to my next visit.

Gomes Arantes, USA, Dezember 2018

I was very unhappy with a german course in Frankfurt because the teachers spoke English all the time – the fact that this school is very strict over only German speaking all the time, gave me the motivation to come here. The experience surpassed my expectations.

George Zuber, USA, Oktober 2018

Ich glaube, ich war für mein Deutsch-Niveau richtig platziert. Ich hatte eine ausgezeichnete Lehrerin und ich habe jeden Gruppenkurs und Privatunterricht mit ihr genossen. Sie konnte Elemente des Humors, eine entspannte Atmosphäre und ernstes Lernen kombinieren. Ich fühlte, dass sie sich persönlich für mich als Student und meine Fortschritte beim Sprechen von Deutsch interessierte. Ich glaube, ich habe meine Fähigkeit verbessert, Deutsch zu hören und zu sprechen. Außerdem verstehe ich einige Elemente der deutschen Grammatik besser. Ich mochte auch die Lehrbücher, die ich für gut organisiert und zeitgenössisch hielt.

Martin Holmes, Australien, März 2018

Germany offers very many German langauge courses, and it can be difficult to choose between them. I am an older student, and I found the Horizonte package to be excellent value: efficient organisation; friendly, committed teaching staff; well-structured lessons; frequent excursions; a lovely modern mediaeval city; very good onsite student accommodation. I highly recommend this course.

Constance Alburger, USA, Januar 2018
I was immediately positively impressed upon my initial visit to Horizonte. I had opted for a single room on the 4th floor and was quite pleased with “my” room as it is spacious, has 2 windows with a view of the sky, multiple hangers in the closet, lots of outlets, a full length mirror, an ample sized refrigerator, a CD player etc. The water pressure in the bathroom is great and there is plenty of hot water. The heat in the room is quite good.
I was placed in the A2.1 level class, with 5 others, for my 3 week stay in January. The instructor, Gudrun, is 5 star ***** – easy manner, disciplined, listens, patient, structured, encouraging and effective. All instruction was in German, appropriately paced and with varied activities for exposure and repetition. Everyday there was homework and a review of what was taught the day prior. The review was via the independent completion of a document, a game, flash cards etc. As a standard, every day, each student is asked to spontaneously speak, in German, of their activities of the prior day. The classroom atmosphere is very accepting of all attempts to speak in German and students are strongly encouraged to find a “language partner” to practice speaking, outside the classroom.
The ambiance of Horizonte is a very welcoming, warm, supportive, communal environment. The interaction, with other students in different levels, is easy as the common bond is Horizonte and a desire to learn German. Language barriers fall away due to the tone of the school.
If I were to do anything differently and I had the option, I would have chosen to stay mu…ch longer at Horizonte!! My stay here was far too brief. Even in winter, Regensburg is beautiful!
Ich bin sehr, sehr glücklich with the instruction, the accommodation and Regensburg !!! Ich bedanke mich herzlich!!!

Paul Dorsey, USA
Greetings! I wanted to thank you and the entire staff at Horizonte for a fantastic experience while attending your school for 4 weeks! I especially want to single out Frau S. for her talent in explaining the grammar and providing me with great notes for me to study in the future. I always enjoyed my sessions with her in the afternoon and will certainly miss her friendliness and eagerness to help me improve my German! H. was also so friendly and took a personal interest in making sure I understood the topics being studied every morning. I will miss her and of course, the students that I became friends with and enjoyed our interactions every day!
The accommodations were great except for the bed and mattress which unfortunately, caused me great back pain my last several days and mad me miss my Thursday morning class. Despite that, the bathroom was great and the location being so close to the school was such a great advantage! I also enjoy very much the school-sponsored activities – I learned so much about Regensburg and the surrounding area and come home with wonderful memories and photos I took.
If I can provide my feedback for other potential students to see and hopefully, attend Horizonte, I certainly will. I have been to 4 different schools now since 2012 and I can say emphatically, that Horizonte has been far and away, the best school I have ever attended! Everyone from the Director to the instructors made me feel at home and were always very thoughtful and supportive! I will highly recommend this school to anyone who is interested in attending a school that has the outstanding facilities, resources and staff to help every student to succeed!!!
I will miss all of you and once again, thanks so much for everything!
Best Regards, Paul Dorsey

Martine Borgeaud Dit Avocat, Schweiz
L’école Horizonte est située en plein centre ville, à proximité des commerces de première nécessité. Le quartier est calme. Les cours sont très intéressants. Le cours intensif est adapté à nos compétences et besoins personnels. L’ambiance entre les étudiants est très conviviale. On est immédiatement inclus dans le groupe. L’accueil est très sympathique. L’offre est variée.

Edward und Patricia Field, Langley, B.C., Canada
We are a married couple recently retired from teaching. Horizonte provided just the right combination of small morning German language classes, plus afternoons free to explore this beautiful old city in Bavaria. The school assesses language ability and places each student accordingly in a small class for instruction and interaction. We chose to take 2 weeks, but the possibility for more or less was available. For us, this was perfect! Toll!

John Devine, Glasgow
Regensburg, one of Bavaria’s hidden gems, where the Horizonte Language School is located in the centre of this beautiful and friendly medieval city.
I first went to Regensburg for a month in June 2008 after I retired, to learn to speak German. Within a few weeks I was speaking basic German, and learned some useful Bavarian phrases. The classes are structured to accommodate students of all ages and nationalities, and especially for older students like me, in the over 50s age group, who may not have studied a language since leaving school.
I enjoyed my first visit so much, that every year since 2008 I have returned to Regensburg, both as a visitor, and to attend the school to further my knowledge of German language and culture.
A particularly enjoyable feature is the school’s programme of external cultural activities, where there are many opportunities for sightseeing, both in and around Regensburg and other areas of Bavaria like Munich, Passau, Neuschwanstein Castle, Rothenberg oben der Tauber, Amberg, Weltenburg Kloster etc.

Seiji Miura, Japan

Ann Marie Dick, England
I’ve been to Horizonte four times now, and am very much looking forward to my fifth visit. Regensburg is a fascinating and picturesque town, and Horizonte is a wonderful language-learning community.
The teachers are very friendly and helpful (nothing is too much trouble), and the school has a really happy atmosphere. The lessons are focused on contemporary issues, and are always interesting and enjoyable.
As an older (50+) student, what I really like about Horizonte is the wide variety of students – who are of many nationalities and range in age from pre-university through to retired professionals. I always live in the on-site Horizonte residence, which is comfortable and convenient, and my fellow-students invariably make me feel welcome and included in all the social activities of the school.

Patricia Rosenstrom, Seattle, WA, USA
As a retiree who is a member of the 50+ age group, learning to speak German is a hobby for me, and I am always trying to improve my conversational skills. I have attended classes with Horizonte at four different sessions over a three-year span and have had excellent daily instruction from their teachers, as well as fond memories of getting to know the other students. I have met young people from all over the globe, seeking a better education or career, and also “older” students who are still working and wanting to improve their skills, or like me, are enjoying their retirement with travel and learning.
When first considering a German language school, I sought a 50+ adult program. In the end, I took a chance on the standard program at Horizonte. It was a good decision for me, as each time I come back for another session, I have a more enjoyable and rewarding experience! Both their class-time and organized free-time activities provide wonderful opportunities for social interaction with people of all ages, while speaking in German – the common language of all the students.  Next spring, I plan to return again.

Hadasa Ronen, Israel
Second time in that place, for a month, and there will be a third time, sure ! There is magic in that school that makes you want to return. I can’t put my finger on the source of that magic. Is it the director, a very pleasant and attentive, or the secretary, or my teacher, an educated smart lady? All of them are really interested in your welfare, with a smile they make you feel convenient, you are alone, but not lonely, in a short time you feel like a part of a big family, you come insecure to a foreign place and you gain confidence very fast. The staff didn’t loose its kindness and efficiency, the lessons are interesting, no dull moment. The students are very friendly, you meet people from all over the world, from different cultures and enrich your experience, they all speak German, more or less, and you can improve your language. The location of the school is very good, you can find all you need downstairs or around the corner. What more can you ask? I even brought my daughter there, and what a wonderful treatment she got…
Horizonte is attractive also because of the housing facilities, you can rent a room with a private bathroom, like in a hotel, or, on the floor below, you have apartments with two, three or four rooms and one or two spacy bathrooms and a kitchen which you share, and that is much cheaper.When living in a private room you can use the school-kitchen and also the washing-machine, the iron, the T.V. room, the computers, and the coffee-machine, all gratis.Each room has a refrigerator and electrical kettle, so, if you bought some food you can stay a whole week in your room, relax and meet other students in the building, almost like home. No wonder that some students stay for months or a year, and they feel so good that they come again and again, like me.

Living and learning in the same building is a great advantage! You have good transportation in Regensburg. During weekends you can visit places around with a low-cost ticket – the famous “Bayern-Ticket” which you buy in the near central train station. Regensburg is beautiful and peaceful as ever, even more this time. When everything is familiar to you, you discover new little hidden places, cheaper shops, good restaurants …..

Regensburg is safe, a woman alone can walk at night without anxiety or discomfort.

My stay was pure bliss.

David Morgan, England
Starting a new language late in life is not an easy task but many of the issues associated with learning a language can be negated when one attends a Language School that offers a positive learning environment that is stimulating and supportive.
Horizonte has a well-deserved reputation for fostering a family-like atmosphere which helps students of a wide age range to feel at home.
The School has developed a programme of language study and related activities that develop the use of the language in relevant situations through a variety of opportunities that encourage students to socialize and integrate with the local cultural life of Regensburg as well as learn about the history of Germany through visits to other cities in Bavaria.
Many students return to Horizonte on a regular basis to continue our studies because we have fond memories of our time in Regensburg and appreciate the high quality of the teaching and excellent learning opportunities on offer as well as the many friends we have in the city.

4 thoughts on “Guestbook 50+

  1. Das erste mal habe ich einen Deutschkurs bei Horizonte im August besucht. Diese Woche hat mir sehr gut gefallen und ich war schon damals mir sicher, dass ich wieder komme.
    Horizonte-Team ist sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit, die Lehrerinnen immer sehr gut vorbereitet und geduldig. Man wird unterrichtet in kleinen grupen.
    Ich habe im Wohnheim neben der Schule, die im Stadtzentrum befindet, gewohnt. Bei meiner Ankunft war das Zimmer und alles andere wunderschön vorbereitet. Ich habe mich fast wie zu Hause gefühlt.
    Die Schule bietet immer viele interessante Freizeitmöglichkeiten in Regensburg und in der Umgebung. Und Regensburg ist eine sehr schöne Stadt.
    Wenn die nächste Gelegenheit mir gegeben wird, bin ich in November wieder für drei Wochen zu Horizonte gekommen. Ich konnte neben dem Kurs noch etwas gearbeitet, weil die Lehrerinnen passen sich jedem Teilnehmer und seiner Situation individuell an.
    Danke, Horizonte! Ich hoffe, ich kann bald wieder kommen!

  2. This autumn was my third time attending a language school in Germany and my second time learning German in Horizonte. I spent five weeks in Horizonte because I had such a wonderful experience when I was there the first time. However, it turned out to be even better and I wished I stayed longer. The office administrative staff were always super friendly and we have even become friends. I had a different teacher this time and the teacher was as good as my previous teacher. Both of their teaching methods were equally effective and practical. They have made every single class fun and created positive energy in the class. The after class activity programs were always interesting. One can definitely learn a lot of culture and practice German at the same time. Amazingly I was able to make friends with other students both times, from other parts of the World.
    For me, I would only go back to Horizonte to learn German. I am confident that my experience will always be wonderful based on the quality of the teachers, the friendly professional office personnel, the free time programs, the positive atmosphere, the convenient location of the school, the cost friendly accommodation and the beautiful city of Regensburg.

  3. Es war für mich ein großer Schritt, Deutsch studieren anfangen.
    Besonders in meinem Alter.
    Durch Zufall habe ich eine sehr gute Sprachschule „Horizonte“ gefunden.
    Mir hat der Unterricht sehr gefallen, die Lehrer waren gut auf ausländische Studenten vorbereitet. Es wurde alles so lange erklärt bis es auch der letzte verstanden hat. Die Lehrer haben sich immer viel Mühe gemacht.
    Es hat mir sehr gefallen, dass auch nach dem Unterricht Freizeit Aktivitäten angeboten waren.
    Ich bedanke mich für den hilfreichen Aufenthalt.
    Ich habe in 4 Wochen mehr gelernt als am Anfang erwartet.Ich empfehle jeden der deutsche Sprache lernen will diese Sprachschule Horizonte besuchen.
    Ich komme wieder nächsten Jahr gerne.

  4. As a professional educator, I choose Horizonte because of the high level of interaction between students and the teacher that I observed prior to enrolling. As an adult learner, living in Regensburg, I appreciated the informal student-teacher relationship. Learning German is a long, slow, and hard process for me. I attended twice (Sept, 2016-Feb. 2017; Sept. 2017-Dec. 2017), both of my certificates say “A2.” The difference is that after the second time, I am capable and confident in my use of German. I can call and change doctor’s appointments and receive unexpected telephone calls and interact. I use the German language more to express myself and interact with German friends and others (e.g., shopkeepers). It is important to trust the educators at Horizonte when they place you in a class or recommend repeating material. I have also observed the school moving students up to a higher level when the student starts “remembering” previously taught German. It is your learning and use of the language that is the focus of every educator at the school.

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