Online German Courses

The best way to learn German has always been to book a German language course in Germany and stay in Germany for the duration of your German course or even longer. But sometimes this may not be possible as in these days. Quite a good alternative is to take online lessons via Skype or zoom with HORIZONTE.

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Course type




Online Private LessonsFlexibleFlexible44€/lesson
Online Standard CourseMonday-Friday9:00 – 11:30am (CET)120€/week
Online Standard Course
Evening classes
Monday-Friday6:00-8:30pm (CET)120€/week
Online Group Courses
upon demand
Build a group with your friends or colleagues.
Contact us to organize the course that fits your schedule.
* the number of lessons may be reduced in case of smaller groups.
**prices are valid during the on-going crisis situation due to Covid-19.

If you can’t attend a course you have already payed for due to Covid-19, you may postpone it or convert it into online tuition without additional cost!

Advantages of Online German Courses at HORIZONTE Regensburg

  • You are free to choose the time, duration and frequency of your online lessons.
  • HORIZONTE German School guarantees the quality of personal tuition by qualified, experienced an committed language teachers who know how to adapt and respond to the personal needs of their learners.
  • In our Online Standard Course you will benefit from the motivating atmosphere within a likeminded group of people from all around the world.
  • In our Online Private Lessons you will improve your German language skills by telling the teacher what you would like to work on: be it conversation, grammar, writing or listening skills.
  • Homework and additional exercises will help you boost your progress.
  • The oral and written feedback of our teachers will help you advance and avoid mistakes in speaking or writing German.

Enrolment for Online German Courses

Please use our online enrollment form or send an email to with the following information:

  • Name, first name, address, email, skype name (for private lessons)
  • Your mother tongue, your level of German
  • Your goals: what are you aiming at with these lessons?
  • Select your course type:
  • If you choose private lessons: How many lessons (45 minutes each) do you want to book?
  • On which days of the week and which time of the day (CET please!)?
  • If you choose group lessons (Online Standard Course) please specify the time (morning or evening classes).
  • Please fill out the placement test here.
  • We will figure out the right class for you or assign you to one of our private teachers.
  • You can start right away as soon as your payment has arrived.

Fees for Online German Courses

Due to the very special current situation, we offer special fees:

Private lessons: 44€ per lesson (45 minutes)

Standard Course: 120€ per week (Monday-Friday, 13,5 lessons*, 4-8 participants, 9:00-11:30am CET)

Standard Evening Course: 120€ per week (Monday-Friday, 13,5 lessons*, 4-8 participants, 6:00-8:30pm CET)
*The number of lessons may be reduced in case of  smaller groups (10 lessons in case of 3 participants per group, 6,5 lessons in case of 2 participants per group).

You may pay by bank transfer or credit card (4% fees) or, if you have already payed for a course you can’t attend due to Covid-19, you may convert it into online tuition.