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Online Course with Mira

Learn German online from home with our LIVE Online German Courses! #stayhomeandlearngerman
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All our online courses are live classes with our professional and experienced German teachers. We have been working with the online conferencing tool “Zoom“. You don’t necessarily need to sign up to participate – all you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone and a stable internet connection. After your booking & payment we will send you an invitation to join the class!

Online Course Overview

Please find starting dates and more information about the different course types below.

Course type



Times (CET)*


Online Standard Course (am)
5 x 120 min / weekMonday – Friday9:00-11:30am120 €/week
Online Standard Course (pm)
5 x 120 min / weekMonday – Friday6:00-8:30pm120 €/week
Online Mini Course 2 x 90 min / weekMondays and Thursdays6:00-7:30pm60 €/week
Online Conversation Class1 x 90 min / weekWednesdays6:00-7:30pm30 €/week
Online Q & A1 x 90 min / weekTuesdays6:00-7:30pm30 €/week
Online one-to-one lessonsUp to you!Up to you!Up to you!44 €/lesson
GamenightOnce a monthSundays6:00-8:00pmfree
Online Group Courses
upon demand
Build a group with your friends or colleagues.
Contact us to organize the course that fits your schedule.
* the number of lessons may be reduced in case of smaller groups (1 lesson = 45 minutes)

If due to Covid-19 you can’t attend a course you have already paid for, you may postpone it or convert it into online tuition without additional cost!

Online German Courses

The starting dates of our group courses are meant to be a reference for you. Depending on your level you might join existing classes any week. Please contact us for further assistance on finding the right Online German Course for you.

Online Standard Course

120 € per week (Monday-Friday, 120 minutes per day*, 4-8 participants, 9:00-11:30am or 6:00-8:30pm CET)


Starting dates

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Online Mini Course

60 € per week (Mondays and Thursdays, 2 x 90 minutes per week*, 3-8 participants, 6:00-7:30pm CET)


Starting dates

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C1join now!

Online Conversation Class

On Wednesdays you can join a small group (3-6 participants) of German learners from all over the world. You get material on a certain topic a few days before and discuss it in class. Our professional native teachers are going to correct your mistakes and give you a summary of grammar and vocabulary in the end of each class.

30€  (Wednesdays, 90 minutes*, 3-6 participants, 6:00-7:30pm CET)


Starting dates

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Online Q & A

Online Gamenight

That question you’ve always wanted to ask a German teacher – ask Babsi!

  • Grammar that you missed in class / that you would like to deepen
  • Vocabulary on various topics (food, traditions and festivals, animals, art and more)

  • Small dialogues: “What do I say when …” (shopping, making an appointment, at the doctor, booking a hotel, etc.)

  • Proofreading short texts

This class is usually part of our activities programm for students at HORIZONTE. Under the current circumstances we decided you should still get the chance to ask Babsi all of your questions! Join her on Tuesdays and ask her anything.
The good thing is, you will also benefit from interesting answers to questions you haven’t even thought about yet!

30€  (Tuesdays, 90 minutes*, 3-8 participants, 6:00-7:30pm CET)

Online one-to-one lessons

Focus on whatever you want to improve! This is a highly effective German class in which your skills (and only yours) are the center of attention. Don’t get us wrong: although you are working with a qualified and motivated teacher you still need to study on your own, too. If you do that, there’s no way you would ever regret taking individual classes with HORIZONTE.

44€ (flexible schedule adjusted to your budget and agenda, 1 lesson = 45 minutes)

German game night – it’s free!

Join our teacher Mira online once a month for a fun German game night and meet new people or maybe a former class mate! Follow us on social media to never miss a game night or contact us and we will let you know the next date.

Online Group Courses upon demand

You haven’t found the right course yet: why don’t you create your own? Form a group with your friends or colleagues for example and contact us to organize the course that fits your schedule.

Concerning all our Online German Courses:

*The number of lessons may be reduced in case of unexpected smaller groups: 90 minutes/session in case of 3 participants per group, 60 minutes/session in case of 2 participants per group, 3×45 minutes/week (Online Standard Course) or 45 minutes/session if it’s just you.

Advantages of Online German Courses at HORIZONTE Regensburg

  • You are free to choose the time, duration and frequency of your online lessons.
  • HORIZONTE German Language School guarantees the quality of personal tuition by qualified, experienced and committed language teachers who know how to adapt and respond to the personal needs of their learners.
  • In our Online Standard Course you will benefit from the motivating atmosphere within a likeminded group of people from all around the world.
  • If you don’t have that much time you can opt for our Online Mini Course and enjoy all the above twice a week.
  • Our Online Conversation Class perfectly suits those of you who want to apply their knowledge and keep up their level of German.
  • In our Online one-to-one lessons you will improve your German language skills by choosing what you would like to work on: be it conversation, grammar, writing or listening skills.
  • Homework and additional exercises will help you boost your progress.
  • The oral and written feedback of our teachers will help you advance and avoid mistakes in speaking or writing German.

Enrolment for Online German Courses

Please use our online enrollment form or send an email to with the following information:

  • Name, first name, address, email
  • Your mother tongue, your level of German
  • Your goals: what are you aiming at with these lessons?
  • Select your course type:
    • If you choose private lessons: How many lessons (45 minutes each) do you want to book?
    • On which days of the week and which time of the day (CET please)?
  • If you choose group lessons (Online Standard Course) please specify the time (morning or evening classes).
  • Please fill out the placement test here.
  • We will figure out the right class for you or assign you to one of our private teachers.
  • You can start right away as soon as your payment has arrived.


You may pay by credit card (4% fees), bank transfer or, if you have already payed for a course you can’t attend due to Covid-19, you may convert it into online tuition without any additional fee.