German Language Courses in Germany

HORIZONTE Regensburg offers German language courses for adults at all levels throughout the year. No matter whether you are a total beginner or an advanced learner of the German language, we will make sure that your stay at HORIZONTE will be a great success!

German language courses at HORIZONTE Regensburg

German language courses@Horizonte

If you want or have to learn German, the best way to do it is always to book a German language course in Germany. Only when you are here, you can reach a worthwhile level of immersion in the German culture and language. Even if you have little time: only some weeks of a German language course in Germany will enable you to make much more progress in German than a much longer course in a non German-speaking environment. The people, the day-to-day life and of course the school will have a greater impact on your experience than you may expect.

If you still need to be convinced that this is an investment worth making, read this.

Course Types

You can opt between different types of courses: Standard Course, Intensive Course, Intensive Course Plus, Refresher Courses for teachers of German, medical German, German for any professional purpose, One-to-one lessons, exam preparation courses.

We also offer Online Courses in case you are not able to come to Germany (at the moment). You can either join an existing class for an Online Standard Course or book Online Individual lessons with one of our qualified teachers.

The average age in our German courses is between 25 and 30. The minimum age is 17.
About 10% of our students are people beyond 50. We asked them if we should offer special 50+ courses for them, but they prefer to be in the “normal” groups of learners.

Duration of your German language Course

You can choose the duration of your German language course at HORIZONTE. Everything within 1 week and 1 year (or even more) is possible. Most of our participants join our German language courses for 3-6 months. Those who come as beginners and want to start a professional or academic life in Germany stay up to one year.

German classes at HORIZONTE Regensburg

The structure of our German courses is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
One lesson is 45 minutes.

Our mission is to make sure that you enjoy yourself while quickly making progress in German.

Therefore you will be working in small groups, with an average of 8 participants (max. 12) and our committed and experienced teachers.
The main goal of our German language courses is to improve your communication skills. This means that you will be given many opportunities to speak in class and to apply new grammar in everyday situations. We train your listening comprehension skills with special exercises and you will have the chance to improve your powers of expression in written German.

Teaching material will be at your disposal in all courses.

Online Courses

If for any reason you can’t come to Regensburg right now, the best way to keep up your German level that you’ve worked so hard for is joining our Online German Courses. You can either learn in small groups (max. 8 persons) or book online One-to-One classes. Either way, you will enjoy the usual HORIZONTE quality with the usual HORIZONTE teachers. Click here for more information.

Evening courses

If you can’t enrol in one of our regular German courses in the morning:
We offer tuition for closed groups and 1 to 1 tuition in the evening on special request.

German courses for companies

If you are looking for German courses for your employees:
Let us know your needs and wishes and we will make you a tailor-made offer.

Exam Preparation Courses

We prepare you for any exam you may wish to take (be it A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, TestDaf, telc, DSH or German for medical professions).
Please book one of our preparation courses (telc or TestDaF) or individual classes (Intensive Course or One-to-One Classes).

Language Course Placement/Certificate

On receipt of acknowledgement of registration we will ask you to complete and send us the online placement test.
Please send this test at the latest two weeks before the beginning of your course in order to facilitate provisional class placement.
On your arrival on Sunday evening or Monday morning, after a short conversation we will determine your placement.
Teaching starts without delay on Monday at 9 am.
Sometimes we don’t choose the right class for you in the beginning. Don’t worry, as soon as we realise your real level, you will be sent to the group which suits you best.

At the end of your language course you will receive a certificate of participation that states your level and the duration of your course.


We are proud of our experienced and committed teachers who have enjoyed working for us for over 10 years.
They are responsible for the fact that so many of our participants keep coming back over the years.”


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