Covid-19 Update

Current situation

We are happy to announce that we are slowly returning to face-to-face tuition as of now.

Learn German in Regensburg
German Language Course at Horizonte
  • We’re back! Classroom tuition is possible again*
  • Covid numbers in Regensburg have been low for several weeks (June 7th)
  • Classroom regulations (see below) will apply until further notice
  • Wearing a FFP2 mask is mandatory in the entire building
  • Information about travelling to Germany, quarantine and testing strategies: see below
  • Exceptions for fully vaccinated people: see below
  • Quarantine is possible in our on-site residence (not in homestays)
  • Online German courses at Horizonte will still be available

*Please note that this may be subject to change at short notice. Be prepared to switch to online tuition temporarily and please bring your own electronic device.

German Language Courses

Horizonte has been taking actions in order to meet the official regulations. This affects classes and housing as well as our leisure programme. We seek to guarantee a safe environment for everyone who wants to learn German in Regensburg. These are some of the changes we have made:

German Language Course Covid-19
German language course during Covid-19
  • Reduced class size: max. 8 participants
  • Minimum distance of 1.50m between seats
  • Staggered course times: start between 8.30 and 9.30am
  • Wearing a mask (FFP2) is required inside the entire building except when seated in class
  • Regular ventilation during class is necessary (regardless the weather/temperature)
  • Regular testing of non-vaccinated people while the incidence remains elevated
    • Free testing possibilities within walking distance
    • Testing at Horizonte (appointment necessary, 5 €)
    • Applies to teachers, staff and students
    • You might be denied entry if you can’t present a valid negative test result

These regulations are subject to changes and apply as long as necessary. Our general terms and conditions apply.

German exams

telc exams at Horizonte take place as usual. Thanks to the hygiene measures, Horizonte is allowed to keep running exams on site.
Please note: wearing a mask (FFP2) during the exam is mandatory. A negative test result is appreciated but not necessary unless stated different.
Each participant must complete a Covid-19 form handed out via e-mail prior to the exam.


Horizonte Building

Our on-site residence remains open! During the Covid-19 pandemic the advantages of our residence are not only being right next door and being surrounded by likeminded people. It is also a safe place to stay in terms of the pandemic. Here’s why:

  • You will have a private bathroom
  • Wearing a FFP2 mask is mandatory in the entire building except in your room
  • The common area is regularly desinfected by our staff
  • The shared kitchen may only be used by one person at a time
  • You can (and must) maintain the minimum distance of 1.50m at all times
  • No need to use public transport, since we are located in the city centre and everything is within walking distance

Please note that due to hygienic measures double rooms or rooms in shared appartments are only being rented to one person or several persons travelling together.

Homestay can not be guaranteed at the moment.

Travelling to Germany during Covid-19

Regulations vary depending on where you are travelling from.

If you are travelling from/have been to a “risk area”, “high incidence area” or “area of variant of concern” listed by the Robert Koch Institute within the last 10 days, this is what you need to know:

  • “risk area”
    • You need to complete a registration form
    • Negative Corona test result or
    • Vaccination certificate in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish of a vaccine approved in the European Union or
    • “Genesenennachweis”: certificate of the presence of a previous infection with the coronavirus in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish
  • “high incidence area”
    • Negative Corona test result or
    • Vaccination certificate in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish of a vaccine approved in the European Union 
    • Quarantine required:
      After entering Germany you need to isolate yourself immediately for at least 5 days. After that period you can take another test (PCR, PoC-PCR) or quarantine for 10 days.
  • “area of variant of concern”
    • Negative Corona test result and
    • Quarantine required:
      After entering Germany you need to isolate yourself immediately for 14 days. This period cannot be shortened by a second test. There are no exceptions for fully vaccinated people in this case.
    • Caution: You might not be able to travel to Germany. Please check with the embassy.

Please note that this information is only an overview. Due to the dynamic situation please check the complete and up-to-date regulations on these official pages:

Exeptions for fully vaccinated people

People that have been fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved in the European Union benefit from certain advantages:

  • No need to quarantine when entering from a “risk area” or “high incidence area”
  • No need to get tested before class (see the Horizonte classroom regulations during an elevated incidence)
  • No need to get tested before entering certain shops, restaurants and more (see “Life in Regensburg” below)


Single room with private bathroom

If you need to quarantine please make sure to arrive in time to complete it before your course starts. Compulsory quarantine in Germany is taken very seriously and might be checked by the health department of Regensburg. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to stay 100% isolated. You are not allowed to receive visitors, go grocery shopping or go for a walk.

The fines in Germany for not abiding by the Corona regulations can be quite high.

You are welcome to spend the quarantine at the Horizonte residence (subject to availability, registrations are made on a first come first serve basis).

It is absolutely necessary to stay completely isolated. You may not leave your room.
You will be provided with groceries by Horizonte staff. Inside your room you will have a private bathroom, a kettle and a fridge.

If you share a room or an appartment with a friend/partner, please be aware that in case of compulsory quarantine it affects all people living in the appartment.

If you don’t abide by these rules you will loose your right to accommodation and will have to leave immediately (no refund of any paid fees). This is for the safety of everyone living in the residence and learning or working at Horizonte.

Life in Regensburg

Regensburg from above

The city of Regensburg is of course as beautiful as ever and is always worth a visit.

You will have the possibility to explore Regensburg and the surroundings within our free leisure programme (subject to Covid-19 restrictions)!

As Covid numbers have been falling since after Easter, restrictions have been lifted step by step. Face masks are now only required inside of buildings, not anymore in outdoor areas.
Restaurants (indoors and outdoors), shops, museum and other facilities are open. During an elevated incidence (>50) you will have to present a negative test or a vaccination certificate to enter restaurants or some shops.

The city offers various possibilities to get tested for free.

For more information check the city’s official website: Regensburg