Covid-19 Update

Current situation

You are welcome to join our face-to-face classes.

German Language Courses

For the moment being, isolation due to an infection with the coronavirus is the only restriction for the participation in our programmes. Please read more about isolation rules here.

Please note that all Horizonte programmes are subject to legal requirements which can change anytime. Particularly the 3G-rule is likely to be reintroduced if there are alarming developments regarding the pandemic. That means that in order to enter our premises, attend our courses or participate in our leisure programme, you will need to show proof of one of the 3Gs which are:

You can get vaccinated against Covid-19 for free here.


Horizonte Building

During the Covid-19 pandemic the advantages of our on-site residence are not only living right next door and being surrounded by like-minded people. It is also a safe place to stay in terms of the pandemic. Here’s why:

  • You can book a single room with a private bathroom
  • No need to use public transport, since we are located in the city centre and everything is within walking distance

Find out more about our accommodation options.


Single room with private bathroom

If you test positive during your stay you must go into isolation. If you are booked in the Horizonte residence you can isolate in your room. You may not leave your room (except for using the bathroom if you share a flat) and are not allowed to receive visitors, go grocery shopping or go for a walk. You will be provided with groceries by Horizonte staff. Inside your room there is a kettle and a fridge.

During the isolation period we will provide you with information & course material for you to be able to keep up with your class. We do not offer hybrid/online courses at the moment.

Those who don’t respect these rules will loose their right to accommodation and will have to leave immediately without any right to reimbursement.

Travelling to Germany during Covid-19

Before booking your flights please check current travel information. Regulations can vary depending on where you are travelling from. For further information please go to Auswärtiges Amt.

German exams

The 3G regulation applies for exams at Horizonte: you must show proof of vaccination, recovery or a valid negative test result. Find more useful information about German exams at Horizonte.

Life in Regensburg

Regensburg from above

Life in Regensburg is back to normal and people are enjoying German summer. Wearing a face mask is only mandatory in public transport, hospitals and similar facilities. It is recommended inside buildings and when surrounded by many people.

The city offers various possibilities to get tested for free. For more information and current numbers please check the city’s official website: Regensburg

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