German Language Courses in Germany

learning German @ HORIZONTE

Learning German @ HORIZONTE

We offer German language courses for adults (minimum age 17) at all levels throughout the year. You can set the duration of your German course (min. 1 week) and opt between different types of German language courses: Standard Course, Intensive Course, Intensive Course Plus, Teacher Refresher Courses, medical German, German for any professional purpose, One-to-one lessons.

One lesson is 45 minutes.

Working in small groups, average 6 – 8 participants, max. 12, you will quickly make progress in German. Teaching material will be at your disposal in all courses.

The main goal of our German language courses is to improve your communication skills; this means that we will give you many opportunities to speak in class and to apply new grammar in everyday situations.
We train your listening comprehension skills with special exercises and you will have the chance to improve your powers of expression in written German.

Exam Preparation Courses

We prepare you for any exam you may wish to take (please book an intensive course+ or 1 to 1 tuition only), and offer to give you any help to enrol for an exam.


Language Course Placement/Certificate

On receipt of acknowledgement of registration we will ask you to fill in and send us the online placement test at the latest two weeks before the beginning of your course in order to facilitate provisional class placement. On your arrival on Sunday evening or Monday morning, after a short conversation we will determine your placement.
Teaching starts without delay on Monday at 9 am.

At the end of your language course you will receive a certificate of participation.

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