Offerte attuali

(en inglese)

Current special offers:

12 weeks German Language Course
(standard course, 20 lessons per week): 1600 €, every further week 130 €
12 weeks accommodation in our on-site residence 1300 € in an ensuite single room (1100 € in a single room in a shared appartment). Regular accommodation fees: 1690/1430 € – students save 390/330 €.
Last possible starting date for this special offer: March 4.

Easter Special

Enrol now in one of our German courses AND book a room in our residence for a minimum of 4 weeks and you will be given 200 € cash.
The enrolment must cover the weeks before and after Easter (April 15 – 26).

All special offers are subject to availability. A combination of 2 or more special offers is not possible.


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