FAQ German School

Registration & Payment
Completed application forms should be sent (please use the online form of this website) as early as possible prior to the beginning of your course. We will usually confirm your enrolment within 24 hours. A deposit of 100 € for the course and 100 € for accommodation (Visa or Master Card or bank transfer, not refundable) should be sent with your application or after receiving confirmation; the balance is to be paid not later than 2 weeks before the course begins. Late applications should be confirmed by e-mail or telephone. In the event of non-availability of places your deposit will be refunded.

For the purposes of the visa, our Standard Course is treated as an Intensive Course as the extra leisure time programme is counted as an integral part of the course. We will send you the original confirmation to your postal address or as pdf, after we have received the deposit.

Arrival & Departure
The closest big airport is Munich airport (1 hour; other airports: Nuremberg ca 100 km, Frankfurt ca 350 km). We recommend the shuttle service “Airportliner” (to be booked online on www.airportliner.com). They will take you directly to the school/residence or to your homestay address or hotel.

You can also take a shuttle bus to Freising train station, from there take a train to Regensburg (every hour) or go by suburban railway from the airport to Munich train station and take a train to Regensburg.

Trains run every hour from Munich train station (90 minutes).
Trains from Frankfurt airport run hourly, too (3h 30 min.).
Find your timetable on: www.bahn.com

The school is at 15 minutes walking distance from the station, a taxi costs about 8 €.
You should arrive at the school  on Sunday evening between 17.00 and 19.00. We’ll take you to your room in our on-site residence.
In a short conversation we’ll find out more about your knowledge of German and tell you in which group to go on Monday morning.
If you want to stay longer than Saturday morning after the end of your course, please let us know in time – it may be possible.

Homestay: You are expected to arrive on Sunday evening, not earlier than 5 pm.

Public Transport/Bike rental
The bus fare is about 20 € per week and about 50 € per month (as at 2019).
Bikes can be rented at the station.

Lessons & Timetable:
The lessons take place in our premises at Rote-Hahnen-Gasse 12.
Standard Course: 9.00 – 12.30 (10.30 – 11.00 break)
Intensive Courses (Business German, Teacher refresher courses, Translation Course etc.): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 13.30 – 15.30, Friday from 13.30 to 15.00 (altogether 10 lessons) or upon special arrangement with the instructor. There are usually no lessons on Wednesday afternoon.

You get the books and other learning materials used in class fro free. Dictionaries and grammar books are for sale only.

Meals & Drinks
There are lots of bars, restaurants and bakeries in the city centre. Many of them offer unexpensive lunch from about 6 €.
A cup of coffee is about 2,50 €, a glass (0.5 l) of beer, juice,  mineral water ca. 3,50 €, a small coke 2,50 €).
There is a great variety of any kind of restaurants offering local, national and international cuisine.
Please don’t forget to give a tip of 5-10%.

Climate & Weather
The climate in this part of Bavaria (on the river Danube, at 314 m sea level) is moderate, not too cold, not too warm. You can have rain at any time of the year. In winter, you can expect snow with temperatures between -10 and +10°C from November to March, and in summer you can have all kinds of weather: hot days over 30°C (even for a period of several weeks), cloudy weather or rain – and sometimes everything within one week!

There is a washing machine and a dryer in our residence. There are laundries in the city centre.
Your host family will offer to wash some of your cloths if you stay longer than 2 or 3 weeks.

Swimming: Westbad (15 min by bus, outdoor and indoor pools), RT-Bad (walking distance, only outdoor).
Cycling: In summer, you can go by bike to some nearby lakes which are ideal for swimming. Also you can go along the river Danube or other rivers on bicycle routes.
Outdoor sports: Football (soccer), jogging, beach volleyball, frisbee meetings according to interest and weather.
Gyms: There are various gyms, and possibilities for tennis and squash (but not in the city centre). If you want to go hiking or skiing in the Alps during the weekend, it takes you only 2 hours by car to interesting sites.

Have your mail sent to our address. It is absolutely necessary to send it to:

Rote-Hahnen-Gasse 12
93047 Regensburg

Students per nation

Every year, we have about 500 participants from approximately 50 countries:

These numbers do not include closed groups and courses of special interest
(e.g. refresher courses for teachers of German)

For further questions don’t hesitate to contact us: info@horizonte.com
or call +49 941 57207,
We look forward to welcoming you to Regensburg!

Our German language school has been accredited / recognized by / is member of: